Veteran Healthcare Neglect

There has been a significant deterioration in the treatment of our nation’s Veterans and thousands of Veterans have been injured or suffered death due to extreme negligent behavior by the Veterans Administration.

There are many things our Veterans have to put up with, but healthcare that neglects Veterans should not be one of them. We now know that many Veterans were refused care, or in some instances care was delayed, or given suboptimal care below the standard of care was rendered.

If you or a loved one experienced delayed care or treatment from the Veterans Administration and suffered any of the following medical problems, contact our law firm for a free confidential consultation:


  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death Due to a Severe Illness
  • Death Due to Lack of Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis, Such as Cancer
  • Late Diagnosis of a Serious Condition, that Could Have Been Prevented if diagnosed Sooner


Because of these deliberate actions on the part of staff in the Veteran’s Administration some of our Veterans have died, some have had a delay in diagnosis that resulted in heart attack, stroke, or failure to diagnose cancer at an earlier stage.

We are here to help

If you or your loved one suffered one of these major complications or died while waiting for care from the Veteran’s Administration we will look into the matter and see if certain legal action can be taken on your behalf. We are a group of caring, experienced attorneys who are here to help hold those accountable for these unacceptable acts of neglect.

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